Meet Kaneeka (Cookkie) Khanna

When I was 25 years old I rescued a mangy little pup from the
forests of Worli during the harsh Mumbai Monsoons. Pepper the
little Indie changed my life forever. I was always fond of animals
but this little mutt and Pepe my gentle giant of a labrador took
my love for dogs to another level. They captured my heart wholely
and Solely. And made me realise I wanted to work with animals,
but in a creative space. In 2005, I became the first Certified Master
Groomer in India from The New York School of Dog Grooming,
and TOP DOG PET SALON was born. It’s been 18 years of pure joy,
love and lots of learning. Having groomed over 50K dogs till date
, I came to realise a lot about the pet space in India over the years.

I always imported my own products from the US due to lack of high quality grooming products available in the Indian market. And whatever was available really didn’t do the job for me. Seeing pets suffering with major skin issues, ticks and fleas and dry lacklustred coats made me want to use all my knowledge, expertise and experience of the past 18 years and start my own range of all natural grooming products catering to pets living in India. After doing lots of research over the past 5 years and using my own hands on experience, PAW NATURALE was finally born in July 2022. Our range of products are 100% safe, made with the highest quality ingredients and can be used daily without any side effects. We have used super powered ingredients like Hempseed, Neem, Aloe, Karanj, Coconut etc. to heal and cure all pet problems ranging from skin issues, dry coats, wounds and rashes and ticks and fleas.

So go ahead, let nature work it’s magic and let us provide you with Happawness in a bottle, one pet at a time.