Butter and Balms

                Paw Pal Paw Butter 25G

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                Supaw Hemp Healing Balm 100g

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                Paw Pal Paw Butter 100g

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                Butter and Balm Combo

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                Paw Pal Paw Butter 100g (2 pack)

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                Supaw Hemp Healing Balm 100g (2 pack)

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                Pet Wellness is not only about keeping your canine friend healthy and happy, but also about providing them with the right care and products to keep their skin and coat looking its best. ...Butter and balm are great options for pampering your pup while also helping to keep their coat looking shiny and healthy.

                Butter and balms are a great way to pamper your pup and keep their coat healthy and shiny. Butter can be used as a moisturizer or conditioner for your dog's coat, while balms provide protection from the elements such as wind, rain and sun.

                Butters come in many different forms including natural and artificial. Natural butters are made from products such as shea, cocoa and mango butter. Artificial butters are synthetically produced to provide similar benefits. Natural butters help to lock moisture in your pet's coat, while also nourishing their skin and providing a protective layer against the elements.

                Balms on the other hand can provide a barrier between your pup and the elements. The most popular balms are made from beeswax, jojoba oil or lanolin, which helps to form a protective layer. Beeswax is especially helpful as it has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

                We at Paw Naturale offer two amazing balms to protect your pup’s paw pads: Supaw Hemp Healing Balm and Paw Pal Paw Butter. Supaw Hemp Healing Balm is made with 100% Organic Hempseed Oil along with other human grade natural oils and waxes, providing an effective healing and protective balm for your pup’s paw pads. Paw Pal Paw Butter is a luxurious, natural blend of ingredients like Beeswax, Argan Oil, Candelilla Wax, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, creating a powerful healing balm that is both soothing and protective.

                Your pup’s coat and skin is as important to them as it is to you, so make sure to choose the best butter and balm for your pup. With our products from Paw Naturale, you can be sure that your pup is getting the highest-quality ingredients. By selecting natural butters and balms, you are providing a layer of protection for your pup and helping them to stay healthy and happy.

                Whether you choose a butter or a balm to pamper your pup's coat, the benefits are numerous. Not only do they help keep your pup's coat soft and shiny, but they also provide protection against the elements, leaving your pup with a healthy and happy coat. So visit us at Paw Naturale to find out more about Supaw Hemp Healing Balm and Paw Pal Paw Butter – two amazing balms that will help keep your pup's paws in perfect condition! Let us help you pamper your pup with natural, human grade ingredients that are tailored just for their needs. Treat your pup today!

                So don't delay, pamper your furry friend with a butter or balm from Paw Naturale today! Your pup will thank you for it!

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